Vanessa Westpac Risk Graduate


Risk Graduate
Meet Vanessa, Risk Graduate, 2017 Summer Intern

Why would you recommend this program?

The Intern program is a taste of what it would be like to work in certain teams and areas. Even if you’re not quite sure what interests you, you have the chance to try out different roles. You could be analysing the behaviour of people committing credit card fraud, looking at industry trends or even learning about customer risk grade scorecards.

Why do you love coming into work each day?

For me the biggest thing is the respect for my ideas and the trust that my managers and team put in me to implement those ideas. Westpac is a place that encourages you to flourish with your own ideas and to learn and grow. The people and the environment facilitate that by providing constant feedback on ideas using their industry knowledge. This makes me feel like I’m contributing to the bigger cause of protecting and helping our customers

How have you developed in this program?

One of the key takeaways was the discovery of change being the new norm. In this age, innovation is always happening, whether it is the ability to switch to different programming languages or understanding the latest fraud trends in society, hence being adaptable is key. We can’t just sit there and do what we usually do, we need to keep an open mind and alter strategies based on whatever the world throws at us!