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Culture at Wood

6.6 rating for Culture, based on 12 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
After hours - little engagement and interaction; however some events occur at random. Socialising is limited; and this make be reflective of the relational nature of work during office hours. In office - open, sustainable but opportunity is there to promote an improved positive atmosphere. The company is in an ever-changing phase both structurally and in work scopes. Although the change can be tiring it is embraced and people work together to solve problems.
Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly from day one, willing to get me involved in different projects. The atmosphere in the office is professional yet relaxed. The office is split across three floors, however employees still cooperate very well. Graduates often have lunch together, and Friday night drinks are common. There are also organised end-of-quarter drinks for the whole office.
Everyone seems pretty happy and sociable given the market conditions.
It is generally good. People are friendly too. It is hard to find and talk to the managers sometimes though.
The team I am part of is very good a t working together. We communicate with each other and share things that may be useful to team members. We all get on well, socialising outside of work once every couple of months. We have lunch together at least once a week. We all report to our Delivery Manager.
Engineering manager overseas leads for all discipline teams. Lead engineer runs the team of principal's, seniors, engineers and graduates. Excellent cooperation within teams, and fairly good transparency up the chain. Company has a great safety culture, and is getting better at keeping all employees up to speed with business developments, and rewarding employees for excellent work and commitment to core values etc. Good business culture, but social culture is a little lacking - could use some more investment.
Office culture is good, structure and hierarchy is as you would expect at any engineering company. Teamwork is great.