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Diversity at Wood

7.5 rating for Diversity, based on 12 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
People from all over the world, with varying background and origins, beliefs and values are part of the team.
Multi-cultural workforce
Definitely promoted throughout the company. That being said, I am in a team of male engineers. When I started, there were 3 females who have since moved on to other roles or companies.
Inclusive Diversity Committee exists.
No issues as far as I can see. Lots of diversity in the office.
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
Utilises local workforces in remote locations.
Hire people from local communities.
Interaction with Indigenous schools, but seems quite external to day to day running of the business.
We partner in several programs (CSR and Clontarf)