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Application Process & Interviews at Wood

8 rating for Recruitment, based on 12 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
By electronic video to pre-set questions, telephone, group assessment and a final phone interview.
Applied on line with reference from current employee. Was interviewed and a month later offered the job.
Online Quiz Video recorded response to questionnaire (interview style) Assessment Centre Face to Face interview.
Apply by handing in academic transcript, resume and cover letter. Complete video interview which involves answering 5-6 questions. Move on to assessment centre. Final stage of one-on-one interviews.
Professional interview process. Relevant assessments.
Standard - application, short automated video interviews, 2 hour group assessment centre, then one on one interview. Relatively simple compared to some places, and fair as far as I can tell.
Video interview was interesting. Wasn't so bad for me, but I imagine some would find it difficult to feel as themselves.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Problem-solving, working with other people, resolving conflict, strengths and weaknesses, 'good' communication, etc.
Technical things, experience, career goals.
Technical and behavioural questions
Behavioural based questions such as: - Share a time you used problems solving skills. - Share some strengths and weaknesses. - Demonstrate you have team works skills. - Share a little bit about yourself.
Examples of leadership and team work. Why I chose my degree What I would like to achieve in my career
Problem solving, real life examples and situations of where I demonstrated core values etc. About me and what I enjoy doing, what I expect from the job and the company.
What does integrity mean to you?
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Research the company in which you are interested in working for. Companies will invest in you if you are engaged with their values, goals and objectives. Take the time to write, review, change, review (again, but with a 3rd party) and change your resume. Candidates are heavily screened at the initial application stage and a first impression can be lasting.
Research and understand the services that the company provides to clients Understand the company's core values and how you relate to them from your experiences
Read the company values and what they might mean to you.
Highlight any practical work experiences that you have achieved. Communicate your commitment to doing things safely and correctly.
Practice answering interview style questions. Spend a few hours reading about the company you are applying for, in particular, things like core values, major clients and the type of work they do.
Learn about the company's values and vision.
Be honest, prepare a broad range of real life examples of what you have done to show various skills and values. Be passionate.
Research who Wood Group is and what they do, know their core values and hope they may apply in day to day work.