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Training & Personal Development at Wood

6.4 rating for Training, based on 12 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Formal training is available if required by a project and / or role. Additional training is made available to deserving recipients. Personally, I've had training in project management, helicopter survival techniques, incident investigation, internal auditing and behavioural standards. Awareness-type training is also available through lunch 'n' learns and other avenues; however these are often targeted, which is warranted, towards engineering services.
The graduate program provides a Certificate IV Project Management course as well as an experienced mentor. I have also been able to develop knowledge and skills from informal discussions with colleagues.
Graduate training programme. Mostly on the job training with more experienced staff guidance.
Received courses in project and management related training resulting in a cert IV in project management practice. No technical training has been provided.
Great project management training course offered to graduates, which takes place over a period of 2 years.
All graduates are put through a Cert 4 in project management. Valuable course.
Training opportunities mostly based on cost - currently lots of opportunity for interdiscipline and vendor lunch and learns which can be quite interesting, but very little expense for formal training for specific skill advancement.
Currently undertaking a Cert IV in project management. No other training has been offered.