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Working Hours at Wood

8.8 rating for Working Hours, based on 12 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
40wk, often working a couple more. Overtime, as long as it's approved, is required intermittently. I've never had issues regarding leave entitlements, which is comforting.
Wood Group is quite flexible with hours, giving you the options to start/finish early or late provided you work the required hours for the week. On Friday, you can finish as early as 2:30pm.
Work hours are flexible. Managers are responsive to any requirements, Option to finish early on Fridays provided the hours are made up during the week.
40 hours a week. Can work extra some days and leave early other days.
Quite flexible.
40hrs per week, core office hours of 9-4, but easily flexible around your external needs as long as you hit the right number of billable hours and keep the right people informed.