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Brittany Donald

6.45 AM

I wake up early make myself a coffee, log on to my laptop and join a call with a client located in California. We discuss the client timeline and key deliverables that will need to be met. A number of meeting action items are assigned to me.

8.00 AM

I pack up my laptop and grab my backpack, which I packed the night before (knowing that if I tried to pack it that morning I would definitely forget something) and leave home. I cycle to work each day along the river, which is a great way to start the day unless it happens to rain.

8.30 AM

I use the shower and change room facilities in the office building, which have everything you need from towels, shampoo, iron and even hair straighteners. I stow my things in my locker and head up to level 31.

8.45 AM

I put my lunch in the fridge and grab a banana from the communal fruit bowl. I then raise my desk to stand up whilst I check my emails and calendar. This helps me draft my to-do list for the day, prioritising the tasks I need to complete around any meetings I might have.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional sitting on her desk.

9.30 AM

The project team has scheduled a call to review the outcomes from the client meeting we had earlier that day. The project lead asks my opinion on some project-specific queries and I am given some tasks to complete that day.

10.00 AM

I start to tackle my to-do list which has just grown slightly after my meeting with the project team. I will work on a number of projects in one day ranging from a renewable energy asset due diligence, Indigenous stakeholder meeting review to a reef remediation project to name a few. This could change on any given day as we have an incredible range of projects that Advisian’s New Energy team is involved in. I usually work on my top priorities for the day before lunch as I find I am most productive in the mornings. We are in an open office, so I often meet with the people I am working on a project with or put my earphones in and press play on the Spotify 'focus' playlist. Today I get to work on drafting a client briefing paper.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional working with her colleague.

12.30 PM

I am ready for a mental break! I join some colleagues either in the lunchroom which has a great view of the river or if the weather is nice will meet a friend in a park close to the office. Sometimes other grads from different levels will come up to Level 31 if their leftovers from the night before aren’t satisfying their lunchtime cravings, as they know we have the best office snacks and drinks.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional conversing with her colleagues.

1.30 PM

I am back at my desk and refuelled. I review the client briefing paper I have put together one last time, fix a few errors I had missed before lunch and send this to my supervisor to review before sending to the client.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional using a photocopier.

2.00 PM

I have a call scheduled with my Graduate Development Program (GDP) mentor who is based in Melbourne in the Advanced Analysis team. We talk about what competencies I am currently focusing on, which are in the financial and project management scope. She makes some suggestions on how I might be able to approach these differently and gives me some ideas based on her own experiences.

2.30 PM

I meet with some fellow grads for an afternoon tea and biscuit to get me through. We have a selection of about 15 teas in the office, so it can be quite hard to choose sometimes! I am on the Australia Graduate Connect Committee so during these catch-ups I usually get a lot of questions and suggestions about what the next graduate social events and corporate responsibility initiatives should include.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional drinking coffee with her fellow graduates.

3.00 PM

I have a quick internal meeting scheduled with a proposal team for a large renewable energy transition project we are tendering for. We talk about the ‘best for project approach’ and how we will divvy up the workload to finalise the tender submission. From the meeting, I am asked to bring the final submission document together and I work on this for the rest of the afternoon.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional meeting with her team.

5.00 PM

I check my emails again and flag anything that needs to be done the following day or file them away so that my inbox doesn’t get out of control overnight. If it’s a Friday, I will usually find a few people in the lunchroom having an end of week beer before heading to a nearby bar. If it is mid-week, I pack up and head back downstairs to the changing facilities.

5.30 PM

I cycle from the office to the climbing gym where I either climb or do a HIIT class. After sitting all day I find this the best way to relax and wind down.

7.00 PM

I cycle home from the gym and am well and truly ready for dinner. Fortunately, my housemate has already prepared dinner, so I steal borrow some of her food and wine and promise to return the favour next time… or the next time after that… I promise. We sit on the porch eat dinner and debrief about our days. 

8.30 PM

I shower etc and pack my backpack with my clothes for the next day. Then depending on my mood I either read (currently the Systems Leadership textbook for an internal work training course I am undertaking) or watch Netflix.

10.30 PM

I quickly respond to an email that has come through on my phone from a team member in Spain. As they start their day I am finishing mine! It’s all part of being in a globally interconnected business like Worley! But now I am well and truly ready for bed!