Corporate Social Responsibility at WSP Australia

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

WSP AU/NZ puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability. I do not have experience/exposure to that side of WSP as of yet
Graduate, Christchurch
Lots of effort is made with awareness.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have seen a number of opportunities come by; Helping Hands, Bridge to Prosperity, several community breakfasts.
Graduate, Brisbane
Initiatives exit, but it can be hard to push them forward.
Graduate, Melbourne
The company has a well-established Reconciliation Action Plan, and within the sustainability team there is a strong culture of working on ethical and sustainable projects that improve social sustainability.
Graduate, Brisbane
We have a great wealth of skills and knowledge in our company and could be putting it to better and skilled uses. Instead we do token charity type work which is good, but any unskilled person can do. However, we could be making a greater impact based on the skills of our people.
Graduate, Sydney
As an example, we recently hosted a STEM camp for young indigenous students
Graduate, Adelaide