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Application Process & Interviews at WSP Australia

7.8 rating for Recruitment, based on 54 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Simple Graduate application process via LinkedIn.
Met someone at a networking event. Had an interview a few days later. Started a few days after that.
I had two interviews, one interview was in Christchurch and the other was in Melbourne, where I was living. The manager happened to be working in Melbourne at the time so we had an informal interview over dinner.
I enjoyed the process although it is not for everyone. I had to submit a selfie which represented me, answer in 70 words why I wanted to be an engineer and in another 70 words explain the sustainable alteration I would make to an engineering masterpiece. I was accepted and the interview process for myself and the seven others was a speed dating type scenario where there were eight interviewers, one for each applicant, they asked a question, you had 90 seconds to answer, a bell would ring and you would move on. there were 16 questions in total and I think it was much more comfortable talking one on one rather than to a panel. After I progressed I had a more casual chat to two of the team leaders where I was asked more personal questions to see if I would fit into the company. All applicants who made it to this stage got a job.
Was quick and largely pain-free
The interview was a simple process where I met with the section head and the lead engineer I would be working with and they asked a series of questions. There was no assessment. My understanding is that this isn't the typical graduate recruitment process however it was still formal and thorough.
Hired through internship
Basic face to face interview
One hour discussion on whether WSP and I would be the right fit.
Very casual. Call back to check post interview.
Very relaxed, I was a recommended hire.
LOVED creating my 2 steps ahead video. The traditional resume and cover letter approach is so outdated. The 2 steps ahead video enabled me to show my true character.
I was required to create a 30second video; then attend an interview.
Fast, relax and welcoming
I began as an intern and my interview was informal however actually getting the job took time (approx. 3 months) before I heard back.
They were very simple but effective in terms of what questions were asked of you applying for a position.
Applied through linkedin Attended graduate open night Created video about myself and submitted with resume Interview
Short interview with manager at the time.
Straightforward interview process, friendly and approachable hiring staff.
Interview for a grad role was fairly standard. Particular focus on personal skills (fit with the team). Technical abilities a secondary factor (as grads come in with a lot to learn).
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Questions about previous experiences and roles in University societies.
Previous experience. Skills. Hobbies.
Standard work history and what I want to do.
goals, past experience etc.
Tell me about yourself Tell me about your Master's thesis Why should we hire you
Mainly around teamwork
I was asked about: -My background -My previous experience -What I learnt at University and how it could be applicable to the company -What I can bring to the company
What is a good leader, how do you interact with this person. Lots of team based emotional intelligence questions.
Why i wanted to leave my current job, my aspirations as a professional, my past work history.
Previous work/ projects
I was asked questions such as: - What are my hobbies? - Why do I want to join WSP? - How many first class tickets are there? (This was a strategy based question which tested my reasoning/rationalizing capability)
Why engineering? Why WSP? Scenario based questions, questions about my hobbies.
Tell us about yourself What university subjects do you think help with your career progression? What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
Experience Passion outside of work Leadership skills Past experience Past employment Past projects
I do not remember them all however one question was: "If you retired tomorrow what would you want to be known for"
Why do you want to work for us? What experiences do you have? Do you have any questions for us?
Mainly about my resume and past experiences
What experiences I had, why I wanted to work at the company and what did I know about working on government style contracts
I was asked about my knowledge, my experience and what value I can bring to the company.
Knowledge of company, previous work experience, previous life experience, personal interests, career goals.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know someone inside
Develop your LinkedIn profile
Learn about what your day to day role will be and how you will be able to apply yourself in that exact position.
Be honest and open and always be willing to learn new things
Be interested in the work and passionate about building stuff.
Do research on the company, understand the values but don't recite them, just try to show that you value them as well. Don't try and remember anything because if you forget, you will get frazzled and nervous. Just try and be the best version of yourself and answer questions truthfully and anecdotally with a life experience that relates to show your understanding of the question, help make a personal connection and show that you exhibit what they are looking for in your life, whether that be sport, through assignments or anything else which you think fits.
Be yourself, that is what is encouraged at the company. Know what projects we are working on and have an up to date LinkedIn
Have a good understanding of the history of the company. Who we are and what we do. Where are we located. Who is the CEO. What does the section you're applying for do and what have they done in the past?
Talking to graduates
Act natural and be more curious about WSP and the team apply they applied for.
Be honest. Do not overplay skills. Most important is a strong desire to learn and the demonstrating ability to do this effectively and smoothly.
For a graduate position, my interviewers were more interested in whether my personality would fit into the team rather than technical skill.
Practice interview questions in different forms Ensure that there are examples to back your claim
Be yourself and don't do all the cliche things. Talk about what you have done and how you were good at it and want the challenge.
To be natural and focus on culture and atmosphere as to get to the interview it is assumed you are competent in engineer. Have passion and drive to create the impossible!
Bring examples of your past work/reports from university that you think would assist you in getting a position. This is key!
Have as many experiences as you can, do volunteer work, any extra curricular activities
Research current projects and how you can help out the team. Be open to work on anything.
Understand the company, the market it operates in, make sure to be a well-rounded person with a healthy work-life balance, have a can-do attitude and show initiative.
Apply early and develop a unique resume and cover letter specific to the company and job. Network and connect with others in the industry and within the company.