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Salary at WSP Australia

6.8 rating for Salary, based on 54 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Salary is in line with sector average. No bonuses available to Graduates, only more senior positions.
The company gives out great bonuses where they can, although the pay can be seen quite uneven to people at the same level of experience
Difficult to get a pay rise when within the company
Could be better
The per-diem is a good boost in salary but the base rate is relatively similar to what is commonly offered in the industry for a graduate role. Although there is no monetary bonuses such as shares in NZ (not that I am aware of), the extra time allowed for training can be considered a bonus
Bonuses don't exist in consulting. You negotiate your pay at the end of each year and it is competitive with anyone else with my experience in the industry
It's fair and appropriately revised
I don't know about bonuses. Pay is OK not the highest among other consultancies though.
Clarity on pay structure and future pay increase would remove uncertainty.
I am very happy with my pay relative to my peers in other companies. No mentions of bonus.
I believe there is an annual review...not sure yet.
I believe pay is relatively good for a graduate role, however, I have been offer a higher pay for the same role.
I am not at work for the money but for the education. I am not familiar with bonuses however believe they are rewarded where required
It would be nice if we received more over time pay for longer days, we often don't get paid anything extra for the extra hours we put in, it does add up quickly!
Slightly above average graduate salary. No knowledge of bonuses
The pay is acceptable for an entry level position. I want to know what is required of me to receive a pay rise when I renew my contract.
Pay is fair for the work put in.
About standard for graduate role
My pay has only increased marginally in 2 years, despite being told frequently that I am performing way beyond expected for someone of my level. My pay does not reflect my level of responsibility or the hours I put in. My pay is not on par with many of my friends in different companies. There are no bonuses that I am aware of.
Believe the salary is generally consistent with industry, and those who work hard receive bonuses when the company is flourishing
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Friday drinks
Graduate workshop where they fly all the grads to one place for a 2 day presentation and networking events.
Social committee events (sports tickets; EOFY Party; Christmas Party) - Opportunities for development (courses; seminars; Masters degrees)
No real perks. Lunches on the job when budget allows for it.
The company's best perks are travel. I have travelled more than I have ever expected within this company in the last 2 years
The great free events and food run by the young professionals organisation, free morning teas
Free drinks on a regular basis, social events
The best perk is the ability to relocate around the world and the opportunity to work on large international projects .
No monetary perks just a good social committee which organises events and free drinks and pizza on the first Friday each month
5% discount at Bupa saving me $6 a month. So good!
Regular morning teas and lunches with a delicious spread put on each time. There is also a employee recognition system where you can recognise and be recognised with points you can then spend on a variety of perks such as dinner, massages or trips.
Morning teas and various bonding activities
Good hardware to work on. Travel for training.
The annual tradition of the 'Big Wheel'
Free tickets to industry events.
Free lunches
Company events are fun
A lot of social events and first Friday drinks of every month!!
First Friday drinks and social events
Free social events and lunches, relaxed car hire terms, no strict starting time each day, being right near the beach means beach swims at lunch.