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Training & Personal Development at WSP Australia

6.3 rating for Training, based on 54 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Grad program - networking skills, skills for BD Online training - flexible training which offers anything you can think of
Numerous internal training schemes to constantly develop. I have undertaken a Masters degree through this channel.
No real training programs besides on the job and basic company specific online training.
The company has extensive training programs it is almost impossible to list them all. I am constantly learning everyday
Could do with some work
The graduate program covers a comprehensive list of topics which helped me shape my career. I have picked up useful communication and practical engineering skills, which are very unlike the technical/academic focus I was used to at the University. I am better at assessing the time expenditure for projects, and I am able to balance the time spent on learning v.s. the time spent on getting work done.
We have a training budget however it is like trying to get blood from a stone which is disappointing. I know in other teams this is not the case and if they ask for training it is not to hard to get approval
The graduate training program is very well run and excellent however the on the job/informal training lacks consistency. You only learn as much as you want to.
Training is on the job for me.
A lot of money is spent on soft and hard skill training. Software and Programs skills Oral and written Communication skills, project management skills. engineering skills, interpersonal skills
I went through the graduate development conference which has been very eye opening and beneficial.
Unstructured and random training.
The internal training is very generic, but my team has exceptional opportunities for furthering our skills.
I am part of an official graduate program and have had many additional opportunities to attend further training courses.
Been working for 10 months and still no formal training has been allocated to me even though I need it for some of the work I do.
Grad workshop was a good opportunity although the content could have been more interactive.
Need basis and self driven
There is internal training but also senior engineers willing to put time in.
There are some training courses available for those who choose to pursue them