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Working Hours at WSP Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Often are required to work extra hours to complete deliverables. However, the flexible hours means I can work earlier days if I'm not too busy.
Graduate, Melbourne
37.5 hour base week. Overtime and uplift available on certain projects. Workings hours/ working from home is flexible.
Graduate, Manila
As an Intern I used to do 3 Days a week and the employer let me chose the day I want to work. They also let me chose when I want to start work as long as I do 7.5hr per day. When I graduate I started to do 37.5hr per week and still the same rules apply with choosing time I start.
Graduate, Brisbane
Employees are asked to complete 7.5 hours a day. How this is done is left to the individual.
Intern, Melbourne
Flexible work schedule means good life-work balance. The company observes that. You can come to office in a window time and leave accordingly. This is good for me since it'll give me an ample time to prepare every morning and consider the rush hour.
Graduate, QLD
I work full time - 37.5hrs. WSP is very flexible, they have working from home arrangements, flexible start and end times and are supportive of people who work part time.
Graduate, Brisbane
It is COVID so I am home all the time atm. As an intern or graduate it is good to be in the office around work colleagues however with experience it gets easier. I would like to work from home a little more.
Graduate, Brisbane
Manager is okay with flexible hours as long as I get my work done. However it's important to stay reachable during work hours.
Graduate, Sydney
My employer is extremely flexible - as long as you work for the agreed hours in your contract, you can take a long lunch, start early or later etc.
Graduate, Sydney
My workload a bit high.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Quite flexible. I can choose my start and finish times (within reason) as long as I'm working the number of hours I'm paid for. I can also work from home.
Graduate, Sydney
Really good flexible work hours but highly dependent on your manager, team and ongoing project demands.
Graduate, Canberra
Somewhat, especially due to COVID we are all still working from home, and have been for approximately 3 months. As long as work is completed, and meetings are attended, they are much less fussed. The return to the office might be difficult as it is more structured and tacitly expected to be there from 9-5
Graduate, Brisbane
The company allows employees to work from home, however it is encouraged as a young engineer to spend as much time around others as possible.
Graduate, Brisbane
The company is very flexible, and I don't spend more than 37.5 hours a week working. The more senior employees do a lot more unpaid overtime.
Graduate, SYDNEY
The normal working hours are 37.5 a week. any more e.g. overtime or weekend work - might need approval from your manager (depending on your team and sector within the company). However, my team - we work to deadlines - so extra hours are always occurring (the time constraint on hours is more relaxed with my team) employees across the whole Australian business are required to be in the office between 10am - 3pm. outside of that they are really flexible. you can start at 5am if you wished or be in the office until 10pm. its up to you.
Graduate, Sydney
There is a unspoken expectation that you will work more than your paid hours, provided the work needs to be completed. However it is not as bad as others.
Midlevel, Perth
This varies with the workload. On average I spend 8-9 hours in the office each day. Company is very flexible with the work hours as long as it is communiversitycated effectively.
Graduate, Canberra
Typically An 8 Hour Work Day. Come Into The Office At 9 And Leave At 5. Work Hours Are Very Flexible So Long As We Are Present During The Main Work Hours From 10 To 3.
Graduate, Manila
Very flexible: it is somewhat expected that I am available during core business hours (10:00-15:00) but I can decide to start and finish late or early. Working From Home: IT infrastructure is very good; option to WFH some days after discussion with you
Graduate, Brisbane