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Graduate jobs in Brisbane are often centred around the state’s main industries like mining, agriculture, and financial services. It is often referred to as the “resource state”, due to the large quantities of exported resources that Queensland produces, including coal, iron ore and natural gas.

Brisbane’s annual salary sits just above the national average, with the most popular industries, mining and financial services all exceeding the national average by large margins. Graduates, particularly those specialising in engineering, IT, accounting and financial services, can expect to revel in job sectors that are currently on the rise with some of the largest companies in Australia investing into the state's capital. Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city for employment, ahead of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The local economy is booming and has seen a meteoric rise in industries such as Health Care, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Retail, Education & Training and Public Safety, all of which require graduates to fill the ranks.

The city of Brisbane is home to just over two million residents and comes with an appeal that is lost on many interstate visitors. Whilst salaries are high, housing prices in Brisbane sit at $480,000, well below Sydney ($750,000) and Melbourne ($590,000), which can be an enticing draw card for a graduate who is a potential first home buyer.

Since the early 2000’s, the Queensland State Government has been developing technology and science industries, pushing for a state that is fuelled by sustainable energy as part of its "Smart State" initiative. It is because of this push towards greener living that public transport is among the best in the country, equipped with a modernised train system and free buses that circulate throughout the inner city. Competitive graduate salaries, low housing prices and a booming job market are key factors that make Brisbane a great city for a working graduate to kick start their career! 

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Graduate Stories

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Jordan studied electrical engineering at Queensland University of Technology
Mitchell Blundell Graduate Civil Engineer Stantec
Mitchell studied Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)(Honours) at University of the Sunshine Coast
Brittney Kane is an Accountant, Business Restructuring at BDO.

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Tristan Ashford Santos Graduate

Tristan Ashford studied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1st Hons) and Bachelor of Economics at University of Western Australia and is now Fairview Operations Engineer at Santos