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Graduate Jobs in Darwin overview

Darwin is one of Australia’s most multicultural cities, with people from more than 100 nationalities and 70 ethnic backgrounds. The city also has an active community of Larrakia people, many of whom still follow traditional customs.

With a small population compared to Australia's other cities and a median age of only 31, Darwin is considered Australia’s most relaxed capital city and is surrounded by some of the country’s most picturesque national parks.

Major industries

Darwin is closer in distance to cities in south-east Asia than it is to most cities in Australia, and is therefore a major service centre for industries such as oil, gas, mining, tropical horticulture and pastoralism that have operations in Asian countries.

The Australian Defence Force also has a large presence in Darwin and there are a number of multi-million dollar developments in the area, making the city Australia’s number one performing economy.

Finding a graduate job in Darwin

There are very few graduate programs in Darwin, and the city attracts only 0.2% of recent graduates.

However, the Northern Territory Public Sector does offer a two-year Graduate Development Program for graduates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Additionally, the Northern Territory Treasury offers a 12-month Finance Officer in Training program for graduates with a degree in business, commerce, accounting, finance, economics, law and public administration.

Northern Territory Health also offers a graduate program for enrolled nurses and midwives, and registered nurses. They generally have a mid-year intake.

Despite a low level of graduate jobs, there are many entry-level jobs available and there is strong demand for skills in management, administration, hospitality and tourism.

What to expect as a graduate in Darwin

Due to its distance from most Australian cities and its small population size, the cost of living in Darwin is relatively high, with groceries and restaurants more expensive than in most other cities. Darwin residents do however enjoy cheaper rent and services, as well as low unemployment.