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Graduate Jobs in Hobart overview

Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city, full of heritage buildings, green spaces and waterfront views. It’s a relatively small capital city, making it easy to navigate, and boasts a relaxed atmosphere.

The economy in Hobart is solid and has been steadily improving after distancing itself from mining and logging. Today the economy is based around tourism and local industry, with a thriving inventive community.

Biggest graduate employers

Due to its small economy and population, Hobart has the second smallest number of graduate programmes in Australia, representing only 0.4% of the graduate market.

The health care industry is the biggest graduate employer in Hobart, and there are a number of graduate jobs available for students who studied nursing, medicine, aged care or social work.

The Tasmanian State Service is the largest employer in the state, employing people from more than 200 occupational groups through 18 agencies. A majority of these agencies offer structured graduate programs.

The biggest industries in the state are the mining, agriculture, Antarctic, marine and tourism sectors, with companies in these industries offering minimal graduate positions. There are also a number of jobs in public administration, social assistance, education and training, and professional, scientific and technical services.


Due to the small number of graduate positions available, the application process is quite competitive. Those who studied at a university in Tasmania are more likely to receive employment opportunities due to the strong links between the education sector and industry.

Living in Hobart

Hobart enjoys the most affordable housing in Australia compared to other capital cities and there is a large selection of quality homes. The city is also renowned for quality food, including Tasmanian salmon, chocolate, raspberries, cheese and crayfish, as well as boutique wineries and beer.

Unfortunately, Hobart also has relatively high levels of unemployment and lower incomes, though this could begin to change as the city’s population continues to grow.

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