Graduate Jobs in Northern Territory (NT)

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Graduate Jobs in Northern Territory (NT) overview

Despite what the media might make out, the Northern Territory isn't plagued with unemployment issues; in fact, it actually boasts the third highest rate of employment of any state or territory in Australia. Part of the reason for this attractive statistic is the Northern Territory's thriving tourism and mining industries. Its population of about 250,000 doesn't equate to low-yield opportunities, while its remoteness helps that.  The highest median starting salary for graduates of any region or state in Australia is in the NT at $59,000.

Careers in mining

Mining plays a large role in the Northern Territory's economy. The Northern Territory's mining sector is driven by the production of minerals, energy and petroleum, and it contributes roughly $2.5 billion to the state's gross state product, employing more than 4,600 people. Mining alone accounts for about one-quarter of the gross state product, whereas the overall gross state product makes up just 7% of Australia's gross domestic product. Graduates are in demand for management positions in businesses involved within the mining industry, with the likes of Glencore regularly offering development programs.

Other routes for graduate jobs

The government and the public sector provide several avenues for graduates, including The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) Graduate Development Program, which is open to undergraduates in a range of disciplines and promises a starting salary of up to $64,405 per annum. Public sector graduate jobs in the Northern Territory are also relatively easy to come by in healthcare, tourism and teaching. Major employers in the Northern Territory include the Halikos construction and hospitality group, the Australian Defense Force and Vista Gold Australia. All regularly hire graduates, so check their Careers pages for more information.