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Mention the graduate job market in Perth and images of hard hats, mine shafts and herds of graduates with engineering degrees often come to mind…

Perth has played its part in the largest mining boom in Australia’s history, but it’s now in the midst of transformation. The world's most isolated city is increasingly forging a contemporary persona similar to that of its eastern counterparts, with cultural depth and an eclectic job market. Industries such as IT, business consultancy, digital marketing and technology have crept into Perth and began to revolutionise the economy, bringing with it a range of opportunities for graduates.

Perth’s graduate job market is minuscule in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne, but this should not deter potential graduates from applying for the growing number of internship positions and graduate vacancies. Companies like AIG, Glencore and CSC are recruiting marketing and finance graduates, whilst almost anyone with IT qualifications can expect to find a huge array of opportunities, as the Perth economy looks to digitalise and keep pace with its counterparts.

Another major draw for graduates is the housing affordability. While average housing prices across Australia’s capital cities are on the up, Perth’s housing prices have dropped in tandem with the mining boom, thus making it one of the most affordable cities to live for young professionals. The liveability is only bolstered by a solid transport system, offering free bus and train trips around Perth’s city centre. Perth is also Australia’s sunniest city, with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day. Perfect for a lazy afternoon at Fremantle or Cottesloe Beach!

Graduate jobs applications in Perth tend to follow the usual cycle of opening for applications in March/ April. However, be prepared to get your application in early – because the WA O-week and campus year usually kick off a week or two before eastern states, some employers looking to hire in Perth can close their applications earlier than expected. Register for job alerts to make sure you don’t miss out!

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