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Graduate Jobs in Queensland (QLD) overview

What’s happening in Brisbane and beyond

Queensland has a healthy economy, with the two industries experiencing the most growth in recent years being health/social care and education/training. The Queensland government is the largest employer of graduates in these fields, but there are smaller non-for-profit and private organisations that employ a significant number as well.

The tourism sector is also a significant employer of graduates in Queensland. It is estimated that Queensland’s international tourism and hotel management industries are worth $27 million per year. This is not surprising, given that Queensland is home to a range of major tourist destinations including the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Cairns and the Whitsundays. There are many associated jobs in casinos, theme parks, cruise ships and conference and events management.

The majority of graduates in Queensland, around 85%, are employed in full-time roles. The average graduate starting salary is approximately $54k per annum, which is a little lower than some states, such as New South Wales, but it must be noted that the cost of living is lower in Brisbane than it is in Sydney.

Finding a graduate job in Queensland

The Queensland Government offers a wide range of opportunities for graduates. There is the ‘Greater Graduate Program’ which opens for registration in September for the following year. There are also other programs that begin recruitment in January.

Graduate teachers, social workers and psychologists should consider non-government options with medium to large employers as well. Catholic Education is a major employer, as are a wide range of employment agencies and mental health and disability services.

With so many amazing tourist destinations located in Queensland, graduate tourism related jobs can be found in many organisations such as Flight Centre and Merlin Entertainments.

Most of the major banks and the supermarkets have graduate programs with application season often closing in March/April each year. These are a great opportunity if you are seeking to enter a range of business and finance related positions.

Many are hopeful that the mining industry will ‘boom’ again and graduate opportunities in Queensland with companies such as BHP Billiton are worth investigating, especially if you are an engineer or in a related field.


Graduate Stories

Hannah Bolton studied Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting and financial management).
Jordan Bartlett
Jordan studied electrical engineering at Queensland University of Technology
Brittney Kane is an Accountant, Business Restructuring at BDO.

A day in the life of…

Tristan Ashford Santos Graduate

Tristan Ashford studied Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1st Hons) and Bachelor of Economics at University of Western Australia and is now Fairview Operations Engineer at Santos

Georgia Bass, Graduate Mining Engineer at South32

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