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A place for those who love nature

The main industries in Tasmania revolve around mining (of various resources), agriculture, forestry, and tourism. Ecotourism and earth science graduates who want to put what they've learned into practice can do so in Tasmania. For hundreds of years, forestry was deemed to be a separate science of its own. With the proliferation of ecology and environmental science, forestry is one of the three major land-use sciences. People who seek a forestry education are usually trained in general biology, genetics, forest management, botany, climatology, hydrology, soil science, economics, or some combination thereof. This means that there are many areas in which graduates can specialise, which is great for graduates who might like some areas of forestry but not others.

The financial reality

To be blunt, Tasmania is not really the place to go if you want to make a quick buck. Tasmania is a beautiful area of the country, filled with lush forests and sweeping vistas. Although opportunities do exist, Tasmania's GDP of about $50,000 per capita means that many people live there for the tranquillity and easygoing lifestyle, not to strike it rich. Having said this, graduates in the aforementioned areas do have a lot of earning potential if they play their cards right. If you have a passion for helping to preserve Tasmania's exquisite forests – as well as its fishing and agricultural industries – you are certainly looking in the right area.


Tasmania is an idyllic state with a steady climate and happy-go-lucky lifestyle; there are few places in the world that could rival Tasmania. Graduates in ecotourism and earth sciences should definitely put Tasmania on their shortlist of potential destinations, even if it's only as a tourist. Tasmania's national parks and stunning flora and fauna is the manifestation of millions of years of evolution, and centuries of mandated ecological preservation.


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