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Graduate Jobs in Victoria (VIC) overview

Although Victoria is Australia’s second-smallest state, it’s home to around 5.9 million people, over 25% of the country’s population, and this is set to increase to between 10 and 12 million people by 2060. The economy is predicted to benefit from this population increase, and continue to grow by an average of 2.4% per year.

The Victorian economy is considered mid-sized and is larger than the economies of New Zealand, Singapore and many countries in South East Asia, contributing 22% of Australia’s total Gross Domestic Product .

Major industries

There are a number of major industries in Victoria including:

  • Agriculture: Victoria produces 24% of Australia’s agriculture production and is the country’s main producer of lamb, dairy products, pears and dried vine fruits.
  • Manufacturing: Victoria has traditionally been a manufacturing state and despite the move towards service-based industries, the manufacturing sector is still the largest employer in the state.
  • Mining: The La Trobe Valley has the largest deposits of brown coal in the world and there are large natural gas and oil fields in the Gippsland basin. Mining contributes over $3 billion to the Victorian state gross product.
  • Services: The Victorian Government is seeking to move the state away from manufacturing and towards a service-based economy, with a particular focus on international education. The services industry employs nearly three-quarters of workers in Victoria, and international education is the state’s largest services export industry, employing over 30,000 people.
  • Tourism: The tourism industry employs 9% of people in Victoria and contributes $10.3 billion to the state economy.

Major geographical regions for graduates

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, home to many of the country’s biggest companies and known as a global industrial and financial hub. The majority of graduate programs are offered in Melbourne, however regional centres and other large urban centres, such as Geelong, Ballart, Bendigo and Shepparton, have a number of entry-level positions graduates can apply for.


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