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The recent economic landscape

Western Australia's biggest economic contributor is its mining industry.

During the height of the mining boom, Western Australia was producing 46% of Australia's total exports, with a significant portion of this stemming from just the booming mining industry alone. People were flooding over to Western Australia in droves, and it was once the case that a humble boom gate operator could earn in excess of $80,000 per year. Western Australia’s gross state product reached A$193 billion, which equated to 14.6% of Australia's gross domestic product at the time. With a gross state product per capita of $82,653 at this time (compared to Australia's average gross domestic product per capita of $57,925), Western Australia was an economic powerhouse.

A changing of the guard

With the mining boom well on its downswing, many people are being forced to transition to alternative sectors in order to earn an income. Graduates are in demand in management positions at various industrial companies, while those who've earned degrees in engineering subjects can put their expertise into practice through the Department of Mines and Petroleum graduate program which tends to recruit during the winter months. Besides mining, construction is a sector which records growth above Australia's national average. Georgiou Group, including Georgiou Precast, is one of Western Australia's biggest construction companies, and runs a graduate program for those studying relevant degrees .

What does the future hold for graduate jobs in Western Australia?

The economic outlook is certainly difficult, but not dour. While the mining boom has simmered, it is still functional and, at $58,000, the median starting salary for a graduate in WA is second only to the Northern Territory on a national level; this tends to be due to the high number of jobs in rural or remote areas.


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Graduate Stories

Issabella Bedford Newmont Australia
Newmont Australia
Issabella studied Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) at Curtin University
Ristch “Rusty” Camille Newmont Australia
Newmont Australia
Ristch studied Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) and Masters of Geoscience at Macquarie University and The University of Western Australia
Mitchell Clarke Newmont Australia
Newmont Australia
Mitchell studied Bachelor of Science - Mine & Engineering Surveying (Hons) at Curtin University

A day in the life of…

Caitlin Mitchell, Graduate Electrical Engineer at Shell

Before I can even start my first day of shift on Shell’s Prelude facility I have to get here! Located in the Browse Basin 200km offshore, getting to work means I need to take a flight from Perth to Broome and then a 2.5hr helicopter flight offshore. I then do 3weeks of 12hr shifts before having 3weeks off.