Updating Results

John Ryan-Thomas

What’s your internship role and what are your responsibilities?

My position in the first rotation of my internship is in the Business Planning Office as a Business Development Manager. It’s a fancy title that means I’m involved in looking at the current position of Microsofts Australian business and assisting in the planning to improve and grow that position. I have been involved in global projects testing new internal initiatives while also getting to build data models to provide information to all areas of the business in easy to understand formats.

What’s your background?

I’m studying a bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at ACU, a bit of a stretch to what I’m doing at Microsoft but so much of my learning from university that I never saw myself using are now intrinsic to my work.

I found out about the Internship program through the Microsoft Website, I had been interested in coming to work for a tech company and searched the web for what was available. When I found the Microsoft internship program I was extremely interested but also didn’t think I had a huge chance of getting a position, regardless I applied and after a number of interviews and a really fun assessment centre I got the call I had gotten a position.

What is the coolest thing about your role?

The coolest thing about my role is that level of involvement I’m given as an intern, sitting in on planning meetings at the highest level, being asked to contribute and having my opinion heard is extremely exciting and sometimes scary.

What are the challenge(s) you face, being an Intern at Microsoft?

Not working too much, it is amazing how much you want to work when you get to work for a company that is fun to work for.

3 pieces of advice for your younger self...

  • Don’t be afraid to apply, if you don’t put your hat in the ring you’ll never get the job.
  • Dive in to every opportunity, its rare as an intern to be given the opportunity to be involved like this so take every opportunity possibly.
  • Take every chance you can to hang out with the other interns or grads, they are in the same boat as you and they are great people for advice and help.