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The preparation required

In Australia, gaining a Bachelor in Information Technology involves undertaking a three- or four-year undergraduate degree. Since the curriculums for an IT degree are very similar, your choice in major can be more important than the prestige of any particular university. At RMIT University, for example, a Bachelor of Information Technology is offered as a three-year program, including a choice of majors. These majors include Multimedia Design, Application Programming, System Administration, Business Applications, Network Programming, and Web Systems. Work placements can also be important: at Swinburne University of Technology, a Bachelor of Information Technology consists of a three-year co-op scholarship degree that includes two six-month job placements.

What kind of career can Information Technology graduates in Australia expect?

As one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines, the demand for IT graduates has never been higher. The ever-increasing nature of information technology means that more focused majors are becoming commonplace, and majors in app development, game design, and web development are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Like most sectors, the IT sector has a near-infinite growth ceiling. IT graduates can expect starting salaries of $45,000 per year, all the way up to about $250,000 per year for experienced IT technicians, with a median salary of around $81,400. However, from a financial point of view, the sky is the limit, as anyone who has the drive and talent can become an entrepreneur and make money by creating innovative software and hardware.

What is the future of IT?

The answer to this is really axiomatic. Obviously, the future is bright... but just how bright is it, exactly? Well, according to American research, IT jobs are projected to grow a further 12% until at least 2024. Considering the worldwide proliferation and acceleration of technology, things can only keep on getting better.


Advice for Information Technology (IT) Graduate Jobs

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