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Claeri Louis

I hope to innovate more efficient processes that will increase the quality of everyday food products.

I am Ms. Claeri Louis, a citizen of India presently pursuing my master's degree in science at Curtin University, Australia. I have been interested in science from an early age and did well in this subject throughout my schooling.

Examining nature became my favorite hobby and I was mesmerised by its diversity and functions. I wanted to dwell deep into the field of biology and kept pestering my biology teacher with questions. "Improvement begins with I." This is my favorite quote by Arnold H. Glasow, which was also highlighted at the conference held on World Food Day, 16th of October 2016. I was taken aback when I learnt the serious problem the world is facing in regards to food. There are food shortages, even though there is enough supply to feed the whole population of earth. Food adulteration and foodborne illnesses are leading to declined societal health and especially affect young children. The unscientific approach of using chemicals to preserve food is detrimental to our health. These facts had a great impact on me, which made me think of contributing to the society by means of becoming a food scientist.

As a food scientist, I hope to innovate more efficient processes that will increase the quality of everyday food products. Studying at Curtin University has not only increased my knowledge in the subject of food science but has uplifted my passion and interest in this subject as well. Having completed one semester has made me realize how much I had been missing out. The laboratory classes which give the practical experience of how food works with science and how development in food products can take place. It is fun and greatly building up my interests. The lectures and research guidelines provided are helping me to look around the world for scientific approaches being carried out in the development of food safety and health.

The units being taught are rightly suiting my passion for research and food science. I am so glad for choosing Curtin University. I passed first semester with a score of distinction. I am confident enough of further passing all my grades with good percentage. With this degree I would want to gain practical experience in food industry and ultimately attain my paasion of becoming a food scientist for the wellfare of society.