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Hassan Al Omran

Pursuing a Master program at your university is more of an opportunity than a challenge to me.

Throughout my teenage years, I had witnessed my father going through a critical period due to neck pain. It was undoubtedly one of the darkest phases in my life as I had to see one of the closest people to me suffer while I had nothing to do to help. It was all the more disappointing as I saw the despair in his eyes every time he gets back from the clinic with an accurate diagnosis but with no cure. That was the time when I decided to major in physical therapy hoping to find a treatment for my father by my very own effort.

I was one of a few who were fortunate enough to get admitted to have my undergraduate studies at the Department of Physical Therapy. I still remember my joy and excitement while studying. Similarly, I was enthralled by the supportive professors and helpful faculty. My enthusiasm during this period is reflected in my outstanding performance, I was among the top 5% of students in my major.

Besides my academic achievements, I am proud that whenever I learnt something new related to my father's illness I go straight away to apply it on him. During the treatment sessions, my father had headaches tightness in middle back and shoulder muscles and he felt that all of these resulted from his neck problem. At this stage, I grew aware that the location of pain does not necessarily mean that its cause is in that location. As a consequence, I felt that the whole body is linked together through channels.

One of my professors confirmed my assumption and he told me about fascia and referred me to some scientific publications by professors such as Shleip. After careful considerations and encouragement from my professors, I took some classes in myofascial meridian and I wanted to know more about meridians. Consequently, I decided to embark on an even more interesting adventure: undertaking a master's degree in acupuncture. As a matter of fact, I was awarded a scholarship from the Saudi government to fund my graduate studies at New York Chiropractic College.

Undoubtedly, my graduate training in New York was enlightening to me on so many levels. Furthermore, the well-informed professors have positively influenced my academic achievement and my awareness. I found myself in a constant quest to know more about fascia. One of the facts that captivated my attention was for example when a shoulder pain is relieved just by inserting a needle in the leg.

Through my discussions with some of my professors, I realized that a lot of studies prove that acupuncture can help . I have noticed that research about fascia is still limited and there is much to explore. I believe that there is a dire need for new findings in this area to make patients' lives easier. My intended research will definitely open doors to finding new therapies for common injuries.

Pursuing a Master program at your university is more of an opportunity than a challenge to me.