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University of Melbourne

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Samuel Boyall

I really liked the teachers and their approachability, and had the opportunity to meet highly motivated people.

What led you to undertake the graduate study?

When I graduated from my undergraduate degree, it was a tricky job market, which gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I really wanted to do – get a job for the sake of getting a job or invest in a career I wanted to pursue. I chose to study the Master of Information Systems because it offered me the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills aligned to the previous work experience that I could leverage towards a career in technology advisory consulting.

How did the course help prepare you for your current role?

Through this course, I developed fundamental skills in project and change management, knowledge and application of IT strategy, governance and enterprise architecture, as well as team leadership skills. I apply these skills to many of the projects I work on.

What was the highlight?

I really liked the teachers and their approachability and had the opportunity to meet highly motivated and productive people who are now great friends and colleagues. I found the courses and materials relevant and enjoyed the team projects.

Did you undertake an internship as part of the course?

While completing the Master of Information Systems, I took part in a vacation work program at Deloitte and benefited from a great real-world client and engagement experience. This also allowed me to assess if consulting was for me and ultimately led to a job offer within the organisation.

What does your job involve at Deloitte?

In my role, I am not just a consultant, I am a problem solver for the public and private sector. My job involves a variety of projects in IT strategy, IT operating model design and implementation, enterprise and solution architecture, and IT portfolio management and optimisation. I’ve worked on projects as diverse as replacing a critical emergency services business system to designing a blueprint for common systems and standards across departments and agencies.

What advice do you have for students preparing for the workforce?

I think it’s important to know your strengths and use them. Ask for feedback and take it on board, always practice effective communication and ask questions to clarify and learn.