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Emily Amstrong
Employer Insight

Emily studied Bachelor of International Studies at University of Adelaide

Value of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad really is an invaluable opportunity like no other, whether you’re dying to experience college party life in the US or craving a culinary adventure through Europe.

wind turbines, energy
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What will Australia’s energy and utilities future look like?


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Telstra Graduate profile image - Michael
Michael studied Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Finance) at The University of Melbourne.
Lauren Cultural Exchange Program the Walt Disney World Resort
The Walt Disney Company
Lauren studied Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Canterbury.
Brett Jenkin Project Everest Ventures
Project Everest Ventures
Brett studied Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum and Mechanical) at University of Adelaide

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Kael Croker Shell

Kael Croker is currently studying Civil/Structural Engineering (Honours) at Curtin University and is now a Reliability Engineer Intern at Shell