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Whether you’re in it for the perks or for the love of  travel, you’ll find useful info here about graduate salaries in the travel industry.

CRCC Asia Ezimma Nnyagu
Employer Insight

Ezimma Nnyagu studied at University of Georgia and join CRCC Asia 2018 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Internships in Shanghai

Value of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad really is an invaluable opportunity like no other, whether you’re dying to experience college party life in the US or craving a culinary adventure through Europe.


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Graduate Stories

Vincent Gianni IBM Intern
Vincent studied Bachelor Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at University of Sydney
Maddy Disney Cultural Exchange Program
The Walt Disney Company
Maddy studied at the University of Newcastle and joined the Disney Cultural Exchange Program as a Character Attendant
Vaish, Group Technology Graduate Westpac
Westpac Group
Vaish studied Commerce at Macquarie University and is proud to be part of the Group Technology Graduate Program

A day in the life of…

Kael Croker Shell

Kael Croker is currently studying Civil/Structural Engineering (Honours) at Curtin University and is now a Reliability Engineer Intern at Shell

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There's no denying networking has a bad rap, but it's inevitable throughout the clerkship recruitment process.