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Kristy Bartell
Employer Insight

Kristy studied Bachelor of Engineering at University of Wollongong

CRCC Asia Luna Terauchi
Employer Insight

Luna Terauchi studied at University of Michigan and join CRCC Asia 2018 Hospitality Internships in Tokyo

Emily Amstrong
Employer Insight

Emily studied Bachelor of International Studies at University of Adelaide


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Graduate Stories

Jack Blackwell
Graduate Sustainability Engineer, Canberra
Polina Pashkov
Project Everest Ventures
Polina studied Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at University of Technology, Sydney
Alicia Disney Australia & New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program
The Walt Disney Company
Alicia, a Zoology and Marine Biology major, participated in the Disney Australia & New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program.

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Kael Croker Shell

Kael Croker is currently studying Civil/Structural Engineering (Honours) at Curtin University and is now a Reliability Engineer Intern at Shell