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The manufacturing industry in Australia is a massively diverse sector, responsible for producing a range of products including food, textiles, pulp and paper, chemicals, metals, equipment and automobiles - basically, any process that turns raw materials into a finished product.

As with many countries around the world, the contribution of manufacturing to the Australian economy has been steadily declining, however it still represents 6.5% of GDP and has recently recorded strong growth.

Manufacturing remains the country’s fourth largest employer and is linked to other important industries, including primary production, construction, utilities and services.

Major employers

Despite having one of the lowest concentrations of employees with a university degree, the manufacturing industry in Australia is still a large employer of graduates from disciplines including Engineering, IT, Industrial Design, Accounting, Mathematics and Science.

In recent years manufacturing in Australia has become knowledge-intensive, globalised and service-driven, focusing on digitisation, robotics and the engagement of research organisations. As a result, the industry is seeing a rise in skilled workers, particularly engineers, with manufacturing directly employing one in five engineers in Australia.

The companies employing the most graduates within the manufacturing sector are therefore those producing high-end innovative products, such as pharmaceuticals, scientific equipment and medical instruments.

Large companies offering graduate programs include:

What to expect as a graduate

The Australian government is actively pursuing initiatives to increase the number of graduates employed in the manufacturing sector, which should see the number of graduate positions increase.

NSW has the largest manufacturing industry in Australia and is home to 60% of the country’s regional manufacturing headquarters. This has turned Sydney into Australia’s major industrial city, with a high-tech manufacturing industry that is continuing to grow. As a result, the majority of manufacturing graduate jobs are located in Sydney or regional NSW, including the Hunter Valley.


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Graduate Stories

WSP Graduate Profile Image- Kate
WSP Australia
Kate studied Bachelor of Business (Economics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) (Honours) at the Queensland University of Technology
Carlton & United Breweries Graduate Profile Image - Emma
Carlton & United Breweries
Emma Gault studied a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering (Chemical), and is a supply management trainee at Carlton & United Breweries.
Aprile Wenke Unilever Graduate Image
Aprile Wenke studied a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and is a marketing graduate at Unilever.

A day in the life of…

BHP Graduate Profile Image- Adrian
A day in the life of…

Graduate Mining Engineer at BHP

BHP Graduate Profile Image- Vivian
A day in the life of…

Graduate Civil Engineer at BHP

To get to site, I catch a 2 hour flight from Perth to Port Hedland on Monday mornings and return Thursday evenings. I’m currently doing a 5/2/4/3 roster (5 days on, 2 days off, 4 days on, 3 days off). The company is really embracing flexible work which allows me to work every second Friday from the Perth office. The work is diverse, ranging from reviewing standards to designs and calculations.  There is a good balance between office and site time; on this particular day, I’m spending some time with the rail track team in Redmont (~2.5 hour car ride from Port Hedland).