Do you want to work on a meaningful and impactful project and make a difference? Are you willing to learn from others and open to new ideas? Do you want to support others to succeed and operate in a highly collaborative and global environment? If this sounds like you, Microsoft would like to invite you to come to join us as you are, where you can find more than just a job. Read on to learn more about opportunities and apply online!

In Australia, our internship program is uniquely positioned to bring out a depth of experience being embedded in a role, whilst being exposed to a breadth of teams and technologies. As an intern, you will work full-time during university holidays, and part-time during the university semester as you complete your course of study. Our open intern positions in Australia vary from technical roles to non-technical business development roles. Each intern has a variety of experiences – from hosting customer sessions to helping to run important programs for our customers, or creating a chat-bot to be demoted to a customer.

During the interview process, you will have an opportunity to explore each of the internship paths and use Microsoft as a platform for you to pursue your passions.

Key features of the Program:

  • You can expect to work part-time (3 days) during your university semesters and full-time (5 days) during your semester breaks.
  • You will be paid at a competitive market rate.
  • The internship tentative start date will be on 30 November 2019, and end date on 4 December 2020
  • You can expect to join our signature Intern Learning Week conference with all our Interns across the Asia Pacific and Australia & New Zealand (up to 7 countries) on the first week of July 2020.
  • You will Intern with us whilst completing your final year of your university degree, with the opportunity to convert into a full-time graduate position upon your completion.