High ATAR students more likely to take gap year

Erin Delaney
Team GradAustralia

A study of year 12 graduates in Canberra shows the higher a student’s ATAR, the more likelihood they would take a gap year in 2016. They were also more likely to choose courses based on interest over employment prospects.

The report, commissioned by the ACT government, also showed year 12 graduates preferred higher education or university over VET courses, and females make up a greater portion of those studying at a tertiary level — while males were more likely to study at a vocational level.

Around 59 per cent of graduates in 2015 applied for a university place, with 97 per cent successful.

The most popular areas of study included law, sport, economics and psychology.

Yvette Berry, ACT Minister for Education, said: “Education in the ACT needs a renewed focus to ensure that we set all young people up for the best possible outcome, regardless of their background, characteristics or circumstances.”