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Top 5 tech industry employers for graduates in 2019 announced

Jaymes Carr

Careers Commentator
For the fifth year in a row, Google has topped the Top 100 Graduate Employers list. Find out which tech companies made it to the top 5.

Tech companies dominated the 2019 GradAustralia Top 100 Graduate Employer Survey, securing three places in the top ten and ten places overall. Students exhibited a strong preference for global consumer-focused tech companies as well as those which focus on selling business software.

The top five tech industry employers for graduates in 2019 are Google, which topped the list, followed by Apple in second place, then Microsoft (8), IBM (18), and Telstra (43). This is a particularly impressive achievement for Google and Apple, which have clinched the top two positions for the second year in a row.

Several factors unite the top five employers in the tech industry. First, there is the global reach of their brands: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM are household names that would confer a touch of prestige upon the professional history of any graduate. Second, there is the commitment of tech companies to innovative workplace cultures, whether that be the hot-desking embraced by Microsoft or the famous ball-pits of the Googleplex.

Of course, there’s also the appeal of working for an international company with the resources to give new recruits a global induction experience. ‘The readiness training is out of this world,’ one graduate at Microsoft told GradAustralia. ‘You're sent overseas for the first three months to work alongside people in the business who are the best in their field. You don't have to worry about paying out of your pocket as the company covers all the costs, they invest in you.’

‘With today’s graduates having grown up with iPhones, Facebook, and Google search, there’s no doubt that, as employers, large tech firms boast an unrivalled degree of popularity,’ says Geoff Adams, co-founder of GradAustralia. ‘Graduates flock to them not only because they’re cool, but also because they offer competitive pay, opportunities for international career progression, and, frankly, an early accomplishment that’ll not only impress their friends but future employers.’

The definitive list of the Top 100 Graduate Employers can be found on the GradAustralia website. 50,000 books were distributed to university students around Australia – the Top 100 Guide includes 400 pages of comprehensive employer profiles, sector information, insider tips on how to get hired as well as real-life stories from graduates on the job.