What We Offer

  • Internships at Oliver Wyman provide a true taste of life as a Consultant and unique preparation for a full-time role. You'll be staffed on projects and treated like a full team member with responsibility for a distinct piece of work.
  • You will be staffed on 1-2 projects during your 8-12 week internship (December 2019- February 2020)
  • You will be based in Sydney but may have the opportunity to travel for project work within Australia and other locations across the Asia Pacific region
  • Coaching and feedback are provided throughout your time with us, from an assigned 'Buddy', to a formal 'Mentor' and 'Intern Captain' overseeing the program as a whole.


  • Our Sydney Intern program is open to penultimate year students graduating in 2020.
  • We look for applicants who display initiative, intuition and creativity with a strong problem solving and analytical mindset.
  • We do not require specific academic major or industry experience
  • We value extracurricular activities and evidence of leading an interesting and impactful life outside of your studies.


To be eligible, you must be permitted to work in Australia on a full time basis at the time that you submit your application.

To apply, submit an application online by Wednesday 17 April 2019.


  1. CV: Must include ATAR and university WAM/GPA and be a maximum of 2 pages in order to be considered.
  2. Covering Letter
  3. Academic Transcript copy