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Ixom Australia

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Be part of keeping Australia safe in a graduate job with Ixom

Vanessa Tobias

Ixom is the market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

Ixom is the market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand. They are likely playing a massive role in your daily life without you consciously realising. They provide vital chemicals we need to keep our water clean and our food edible, your toothpaste usable and your personal products safe.

Ixom supplies general chemicals across a diverse range of markets including agriculture, building, construction, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, plastics, pulp, paper and water treatment industries. Since separating from parent company Orica in 2015, it now has over 1,000 employees across the world.

Do you have a degree in business, commerce, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or science? A graduate job with Ixom will provide you with a stimulating environment with diverse responsibilities, and a structured career growth plan where your unique talents will be recognised and rewarded.

Their Ixperience Graduate Program is designed to nurture your career from day one to three years down the track, to ensure you have the tools and skill-set to thrive. So how do you score a spot in the program? Our grads have been there and done that, and want to help you do the same. Here are their best insider tips to get you on the way.

1. Participate in extracurricular activities, now  

Participating in extracurricular activities has a wealth of benefits for you. It can increase your social circle and personal skills, help you develop leadership attributes, improve your time management abilities and more.

Ixom specifically state they are interested in candidates who are involved in extracurricular activities and have an interest in their community. Having no outside interests is not going to get you far during the application process, so be proactive and see what your current university or community offer, and sign up now.  These activities might take you outside your comfort zone and challenge you, great preparation for life at Ixom!

2. Transferable experience matters

Successful candidates in the Ixom program are those with a well-rounded skill-set and background. Ideally, you’ll have some technical engineering experience under your belt, but if that hasn’t been a possibility don’t count yourself out yet.

If you’ve had no luck in a previous placement in engineering or haven't had the chance through volunteer work, use your experience from other areas.  Concentrate your answers on the talents you've built in other positions or your personal life. Problem-solving, negotiation and analytical skills are transferable to your new role at Ixom.

“[With your] engineering experience thus far, what would you do in situation x, give examples of when you showed x value.”

– Graduate, Tauranga

3. Focus on your leadership qualities

Ixom are looking for the leaders of tomorrow. When preparing for your interview, consider how you can demonstrate the type of leader you are, and how it relates to the type of tasks you’ll need to perform in their graduate program.

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