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CRCC Asia Testimonial : Danyal Khalik

Employer Insight

Danyal Khalik studied at The University of Westminster and joined CRCC Asia 2018 Marketing, PR & Advertising Internships in Tokyo.

I speak not a word of exaggeration when I say CRCC Asia supported me since the day I came in contact with them. As cliche as it sounds, I genuinely believe my Tokyo internship proved to be the most challenging yet best time of my life! My company really encouraged me to exhaust my intellectual talents as a market researcher, digital content creator and data analyst. Confidence is one thing I gained, but an appreciation of Japanese work ethic is another; working in such a fast paced environment and simply being at the vanguard of technological innovation is an achievement I will cherish forever. I witnessed how teamwork and respect is successfully fostered for the betterment of a company and society more broadly. These principles that stem from an ancient tradition, is something I can now actively apply in my attitude to life. Overall, a two-month internship I wish I could go back and repeat.