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Project Everest Ventures Testimonial: Alex Winiarski

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Alex studied a Bachelor of Business (Creative Intelligence and Innovation) at The University of Technology, Sydney.

'My journey with Project Everest Ventures began in the early months of 2017 – when I stepped off as a Trekker in Fiji working on the Fuel Assessment Project. Since then, I can safely say that Project Everest Ventures is one of the only organisations which has made me feel alive. Since then I have gone on to become a Team Leader – leading a team of eight students who accelerated the Social Consulting Venture – delivering Business workshops to 76 Fijian business women – greatly impacting their lives. During that time we liaised with the various ministries such as education, unemployment and industry, formed partnerships with the South Pacific Business Development Bank and developed a business curriculum for the Technical College of Fiji – all in four weeks.

These types of results & opportunities are only made possible through the training, support & dedication demonstrated by the Project Everest Team. Currently going through their Senior Leadership Training, where I prepare to act as a Group Leader, I have started to see monumental links between the training & opportunities offered and how they have impacted my life outside of PEV.

The first is the people side – the formation of my own leadership philosophy and development of a strong network throughout the PEV alumni. The second is the projects side – relating to all areas of business development, in particular, capital raising, strategy & planning, cash flow management, lean startup and growth hacking. The true magic of these things are evident through the opportunities and experiences that begin to emerge as a result. This has been evident with the development of my own startups and community initiatives – being able to draw from experiences & wisdom from the alumni network as well as career-oriented opportunities such as internships, grad programs and even a recent invitation to the P&G 3-Day intensive CEO Challenge.

In reflection, it is safe to say that without the transformational experiences I’ve had throughout my journey with Project Everest Ventures have greatly contributed to not only the person I am today – but the person I hope to be tomorrow.'