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Project Everest Ventures Testimonial: Bec Pink

Employer Insight

Bec studied a Bachelor of Engineering at The University of Wollongong.

'I’ve had my business for two years now, and for someone who had zero business background prior, it was a steep learning curve with lots of mistakes. Through training with PEV (trekker training as well as leadership) and developing business solutions in country – it opened my eyes to a whole new range of skills and knowledge I didn’t even know I wanted/needed. I have learnt business methodologies (design thinking and LSU) as well as more conventional business skills such as sales techniques, stakeholder management, marketing and branding strategies which are invaluable to my business. While I would have been able to learn these things (and others) later, PEV accelerated the process and taught it in a hands-on and extremely enjoyable way. Because of my work with PEV, I am also much more confident in my business and have a much better sense of where I see it heading in the future.'