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Project Everest Ventures Testimonial : Emily Armstrong

Employer Insight

Emily studied Bachelor of International Studies at The University of Adelaide.

'Throughout my time as both a Trekker and then as a Team Leader I grew and flexed skills that helped enable me in my life after university. The training for my leadership role in Malawi, and the nature of the exhausting but rewarding position, gave me confidence, the ability to adapt, stay cool under pressure and many other skills. More importantly, it gave me actual real life experiences to draw upon that I have been able to lean upon in my quest for work after uni. I was able to prove that I was able to work with major stakeholders, deal with management, had an understanding of business and was able to thrive in new situations. These foundations may have been present but, most definitely, were not the solid examples I have drawn upon today, and definitely helped me prepare for the job I’m in today.'