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Project Everest Ventures Testimonial: Nick Kerr

Employer Insight

Nick studied a Bachelor of Engineering at The University of Wollongong.

'As a young uni student seeking adventure, leadership and personal development, Project Everest was a step into the unknown in many regards during my 2015 trekker training and initial project during February of 2016 in Uganda. Uncertainty was my known, around expectations, project specifics, team structure, deliverables and the extent of experience, training and future return on time investment. Without a doubt, this experience has been the greatest plunge I’ve braved. From workshops and immersive training in Australia to project delivery in developing communities across the globe, Project Everest has imbued within me a true sense of self-awareness, team efficiency and capability enhancement as both a team player and leader. On one level (the 5th level!) I dreamed to grow as an individual but starting the journey I could not comprehend the depth of this growth. Personal awareness on strengths and weaknesses, personality and the ability to lead only scratch the surface in the context of what I have gained from Project Everest.

Since my exposure to the success formula of the Project Everest experience, I’ve departed university with a degree in engineering and, more importantly, demonstrated capability in a demanding team environment as both a team player and leader. These traits have been key to both scoring a postgrad. placement and building an early career in Project Management in the Engineering sector. There are few engineering graduates who transfer directly from undergraduate positions into Project Management roles and with a great amount of luck and my foundation from PE I’ve had the great pleasure to work across multiple consultancy organisations. The key to my success begins with the innate skill of knowing that one doesn’t need to be all-knowing but have the right attitude to positively contribute to real-world applications. In the world of competitive engineering, this is key and the strengthening of this culture stems from PE.

I discovered my passion for leadership with Project Everest. From Trekker through to Team Leader Training (TLT) and Senior Leadership Training my ability to effectively lead a multidisciplinary team has contributed to my ability to work across multi-million-dollar projects with a technically demanding scope and a cultural and age-diverse team and deliver. That is invaluable! My ability to step up, whilst was hidden deep within, has been realised by my experience at PE. Living the values of PE with those who embody the passion and ability to achieve our dreams is remarkably empowering. I cannot recommend Project Everest more to budding students seeking to benefit the world (and their own future).'