At Project Everest Ventures we create socially beneficial, affordable, sustainable and effective products and services that are tailored to solving social issues in local communities. Undertaking an internship with Project Everest Ventures exposes you to the experience of building a social enterprise in a developing country from a grassroots level, applying your university skills to something aimed at creating genuine impact for real people. We are currently working across Malawi, Timor Leste, Fiji, and Cambodia on a range of different social venture projects, dependent upon the needs of the communities. Our ventures grow with each month of operation as new trekkers and leaders continue the work of previous teams, ensuring that a sustainable, long term impact is implemented.

Undertaking a Business Entrepreneur Internship with Project Everest Ventures means experiencing and applying the core principles of business, such as financial modelling, Business Model Canvas, and Lean Startup methodologies, to a real-world environment with one of our social venture projects. We combine this with the development of practical soft skills, including cross-cultural consultation and co-design, empathy-driven research methodologies, pitching and public speaking, leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration. These skills begin at pre-departure training and continue into your internship in-country, with the opportunity for further development in a paid leadership position following outstanding performance. Practicing entrepreneurship at this grassroots level in a developing country will expose you to challenges and insights that we guarantee will set you apart from other business students and graduates.

We believe that social enterprise is the most effective way to solve the world’s most complex issues, so you will find social business in the foundation of each of our ventures. Some of these ventures include:

  • Social Consulting, aims to remove barriers to affordable financial and business advice, coupled with micro-financing, to accelerate microenterprises amongst local communities.
  • Everest Recycling Solutions (ERS), involving the implementation and ongoing iteration of a waste collection, treatment, reuse and repurposing system.
  • FarmEd, tackling access to agricultural expertise and increasing economic opportunities and food security for farmers.

For more information about our current ventures, visit our website.

If you’re someone that is just looking for CV-candy and work experience behind a desk, then our internship is not for you. We value hard work, passion, and most importantly commitment to creating an impact. For a completely fresh perspective on business and a unique skill set to boot, get on board. We thrive at facilitating personal development and being at the forefront of international development. Be part of the social change and get involved.

*Please note:

This is a fee-paying international placement.
There is no guarantee of employment post placement.