Project Everest runs ventures multiple times, every year, across January, February, June (Malawi only), July, and December with the aim of in-country operations 10 months of the year. We are working across Malawi, Timor-Leste, Fiji, and India on a range of different social venture projects, dependent upon the needs of the communities. Our ventures grow with each month of operation as new trekkers and leaders continue the work of previous teams, ensuring that a sustainable, long term impact is implemented.

Engineers are moving away from more traditional roles and exploring how they can use their skills and knowledge to make the world a better place and help the most disadvantaged. Our Engineering Entrepreneur Internship will give you the industry exposure and experience that you need and a range of additional skills that you want. These range from feasibility assessments, implementation and iteration of environmental sustainability systems, research and testing of fuel alternatives. You will develop a wealth of soft skills that enhance your ability to understand complex issues and provide genuine solutions for local communities, such as interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-cultural engagement, leadership, and empathy-driven research methodologies. Our training and in-country internships are unlike any other in arming you with real-world experience that we guarantee will set you apart from other engineering students and graduates.

Our ventures and products are consistently being iterated to ensure tailored and ongoing value for communities, and you can be apart of this development. Some of our ventures include:

  • Fuel Sustainability, involving viability assessments and developing prototypes for alternative domestic fuel sources, including the bio-fuel Rocket Stove.
  • Solar Consulting aims to enable off-the-grid, household access to reliable and efficient alternative energy through small scale solar solutions.
  • Everest Recycling Solutions, which aims to develop and iterate both existing and implemented waste collection, treatment, reuse and repurposing systems, to ensure effective environmentally beneficial outcomes.

For more information about our current ventures, visit our website.

We recognise that engineering today is more than risk assessments and writing feasibility reports. If you want to get the most out of your time at university, are passionate, capable, and committed, and are willing to work hard beyond the scope of a generic job description, then this is the opportunity for you. We thrive at facilitating personal development and being at the forefront of international development. Be part of the social change and get involved.

** Please note:

  • This is not a paid role. It is a fee-paying program.
  • There is no guarantee of employment upon completion of your internship.