Project Everest runs ventures multiple times, every year, across January, February, June (Malawi only), July, and December with the aim of in-country operations 10 months of the year. We work across Malawi, Timor-Leste, Fiji, and India on a range of different social venture projects, dependent upon the needs of the local communities. Our ventures grow with each month of operation as new trekkers and leaders continue the work of previous teams, ensuring that a sustainable, long term impact is implemented.

The role of science and technology in the drive for international development is huge. Huge systemic Issues such as access to remote medical diagnosis, food security, and sustainable fuel consumption are affecting the quality of life for billions of people every day - and there are opportunities to change this.

With the ever-growing call on science to address the complex social issues of the world, science students are required to expand their thinking beyond the lab and traditional roles. Our ventures provide students with the experience of applying their skills at a grassroots level to support local communities. With the methodologies of design thinking at their core, our ventures aim to integrate exponential technologies, including AI, cognitive learning, and alternative energy systems to create a social, environmental, and health impact. This internship is also guaranteed to develop your soft skills, from empathy driven research processes to confidence in public speaking and presentation skills.

Our internship opportunities depend on the needs of the local people and the viability of establishing a working system in a community. Some of these include:

  • FarmEd tackles access to agricultural expertise and increasing economic opportunities and food security through tech enabled agricultural advice. FarmEd aims to optimise agricultural practice and the supply chain through market analysis and local consultation.
  • Health Consulting saves time and medical resources by tackling access to health care in rural communities through AI enabled medical diagnosis.
  • Hidden Hunger: an accessible digital information system to inform rural communities about what crops to grow locally to ensure a complete diet with the aim to integrate this approach on a community level.

We value commitment, integrity and a passion to support social impact on a global scale. To see the theory in action beyond the classroom and to gain a unique perspective into how science and tech can be applied to help real people, you need more than a generic work experience. We thrive at facilitating personal development and being at the forefront of international development. Be part of the social change and get involved.

*Please note:

  • This is a fee-paying international placement.
  • There is no guarantee of employment post placement.