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Psychology Graduate Jobs overview

A psychology degree is very versatile and is a key that can open up a range of career opportunities. State and territory government are the single greatest employers of psychology graduates and psychologists, but there are a range of other employers as well.

Types of graduate jobs/roles

Psychology graduates can contribute meaningfully in a range of spheres including:

  • Psychology
  • Health Care
  • Social Welfare
  • Aged Care
  • Youth Work
  • Child Protection
  • Corrections
  • Promotions and Marketing
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Public health
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Research
  • Defence Force
  • Police

How to find work and apply

Knowing the type of work you are seeking will impact how you go about finding work. If you intend to become a psychologist, make sure you are aware of the requirements for registration as outlined on the website of the Australian Psychological Association so that any position you apply for will be suitable.

If you are not intending to become a psychologist, when applying for jobs make sure you emphasise how your degree will be relevant to the position.


Graduate positions for those wishing to become a psychologist are very competitive. Fortunately, the degree is very versatile and most graduates will be successful in finding a job related to their training. Approximately one-third of all psychology undergraduates immediately go onto full-time postgraduate studies.


While capital cities will have the most positions available, they also have the most competition. Those able and willing to travel to regional areas are likely to find work more quickly and would be well regarded if choosing to move back to the city after a few years.

Average graduate salaries

Government jobs tend to have a higher level of pay than similar jobs in the charity and NGO sector. The median graduate salary is approximately $50,000.


Graduate Stories

Lauren Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Graduate
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Lauren studied a Juris Doctor at Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at University of Melbourne
Accenture Graduate Profile Image- Amelia
Amelia studied Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Science (Physiology) at the Monash University, 2016