Kick start your career in analytics! With an industry skills gap looming, and an estimated 85% of Fortune 500 organizations unable to effectively exploit big data, now is the perfect time to supplement your SAS skills with hands-on work experience within a SAS customer organization.

For over a decade SAS has been committed to helping university students with SAS skills and knowledge, gain work placement with SAS customers.
In partnership with RiBit we are excited to announce, NEW look SAME commitment, with the launch of a new digital matching service – connecting more students with more employers.

"By 2018, demand for workers skilled in analytics could outpace supply by 60 percent – or 1.5 million jobs" McKinsey Global Institute study

This new platform matches students with SAS skills to SAS customers, offering an opportunity for university students to put theory into practice, and gain valuable industry experience, while helping organisations meet their needs for talented people across Australia. Grab the opportunity not only to boost your existing academic training with real-world data experience, but also to get valuable industry exposure that will jump you ahead of the field.

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Work-eligible (hyper link to window or something that opens - Australia citizens, permanent residence and International students (working rights within Australia/ New Zealand - Must also submit visa notice ), penultimate and final year STEM students from SAS-sponsored University courses and/or those students who have participated in the SAS Programming 1, SAS Statistics 1 or SAS Programming for R Users, via eLearning courses or have completed the SAS Visual Analytics & Visual Statistics tutorials, to apply.


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Data is more than just facts and figures. It can tell a story – the past, the present and, potentially, the future of an organisation, an industry or even a nation. But without a good storyteller to bring it to life, data is like an unwritten book. It's our job at SAS to be great storytellers. With our advanced analytics tools, we transform data into insights that tell the true story about an organisation. We help people understand what's really working in their businesses, fix what isn't and discover new opportunities.

For over 40 years we've been giving our customers the power to know. If you want to hear more about those great stories we keep talking about, our customer stories tell a powerful tale about how the use of SAS' advanced analytics is transforming our customer's worlds.

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