The Data School Australia is creating the next generation of great data analysts/ consultants. The program takes passionate, data-driven people & immerses them into 4 months of intensive classroom training with industry best technology, tools, techniques and soft skills from a team of experts. The classroom training is followed by 4, 6-month placements into partner organisations.

We know that choosing a career path, no matter where you are in your life, is incredibly difficult. We want to give you as much detail, so you know exactly what you will be in for, and where you'll be at completion.

It's also worth mentioning that there's a real shortage of talent in data analysis & consultancy in the data market today – that's why we're doing this & why we're so excited! We want to shape the future of data analysts, and we want to do it right.


  • 2 years of immersive training and 4 placements where you will learn invaluable skills & get a true taste for the world of data analytics and consulting
  • Learn best practice techniques for storing, managing and presenting data
  • Become a guru in Tableau, a market leading technology in data visualisation
  • Become a guru in Alteryx, a market leading technology in data preparation and transformation
  • It's not just data that's important – learn soft skills in presenting and people management. Crucial for your success and longevity in the market.
  • Rotation through 4 6-month engagement with our partner organisations in diverse industries
  • Learn from a dynamic, expert & passionate team.
  • Work from a creative shared workspace 'WeWork' in central Sydney


  • 2-year immersive course
  • 4 months of classroom training
  • 4 placements, 6 months long
  • 28 – month fixed term contract
  • $55,000 per annum that will rise over the placement period
  • We're sorry – we can't sponsor you, so make sure you can work in Australia
  • 3 starting dates throughout the year: April, August, and December
  • Applications for our December intake close on the 02 October 2019
  • Upon completion, the world is your oyster – stay on as a consultant and work on various fascinating projects or step your feet out in the big wide world that has been opened up to you


Here at the Data School, we don't look for what's on your CV or your experience, but we are looking for:

  • Passion – we want you to want it, to have a true desire to learn and motivation to improve yourself and your skills every day
  • Data-driven minds - you love the idea of immersing yourself in data to drive meaningful insights and create jaw-dropping outcomes
  • Tech-Savvy – we don't need you to have experience, but working with tech comes naturally to you, and you enjoy it
  • Curiosity – questions are falling out of your mouth, you always want to know how and why
  • Resourcefulness – sometimes, the answers aren't always in front of you, you'll need ingenuity and resourcefulness to find answers to those questions you're asking
  • Fast learner – picking new things up every day whilst retaining previous knowledge will help you be successful in this role
  • Creativity - the goal is delivering outcomes. You'll need creativity to deliver those outcomes in meaningful, digestible forms


We do things differently and we're proud of it. Forget about the application process you might be used to. Here's how it works:

  • Join Tableau - Join the community and download Tableau Public by creating a new account.
  • Get inspired – Check out Tableau Public Gallery, there are brilliant examples for you to look at and research.
  • Find your data - Choose any data set you want! We mean it; from politics to sport, TV and popular culture. Tableau provide many data sets on their resources page.
  • Create your Viz - Now the fun begins! Once you have your data set, you can begin creating your winning viz! Once it's ready, publish it for all to see. Need help? Get in touch with any of the team or coaches!
  • Share it with us - Once your work is live on Tableau Public and collecting love from the community, send it to us at applications@thedataschool.com.au. We review all vizzes sent our way and if you get it in early, we'll provide feedback for you to make it even better. While you're at it, send us a nice note too. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  • The Interview - Now the fun begins! Once you have your data set, you can begin creating your winning viz! Once it's ready, publish it for all to see. Need help? Get in touch with any of the team or coaches! We're more than happy to give advice and guidance.


Visit our website and have a read of some of the blogs from graduated Data Schoolers who are out in the real consulting world!