The “Yes” Vibe: A tour of the Optus Campus

Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts
Team GradAustralia

Working for one of the major telcos is not on everyone’s obvious ‘jobs I should totally look into’ list. But if there’s any reason to work for Optus – Australia’s second largest Telco – it’s their whole ‘yes’ vibe, and it’s genuinely impressive.

The telco’s office is in Sydney’s Macquarie Park, and is affectionately called “The Campus” – a purpose-built facility with everything you need within its walls, from eateries to a gym, artwork, and health and well-being areas that would rival any university campus.

Starting in the main ‘square’ of the buildings you’re introduced to one of the first environmental features of the workplace. “Under those shades there are catchment areas for the 1.3 million litre rainwater tank underneath the reception building.” And this kind of innovation is throughout the campus.

Dotted around the main area are artworks from a stack of local artists, from a whale made from steel frame, to an artistic impression of the three blind mice.

Of course no “campus” would be complete without a gym and wellbeing programmes to boot, with small brochures giving you options for exercise across the campus. There’s also a host of wellbeing professionals from physios to psychologists who regularly visit the campus.

All the food stores are either smaller companies, or local small businesses – there’s no McDonalds or KFC here. They also cater for the vast culture the company holds – from vegan food through to halal.

Of course, if you want to bring something from home you can – their kitchens are quirky, collaborative spaces complete with all the gear you’d need to whip up a snack or reheat leftovers from last night.

Some workspaces are activity based, and employees are encouraged to not sit in the one place. There’s plenty of options available to work in quieter areas, or more collaborative areas, or even out in the sunny campus courtyard. There are many coffee shops dotted around the place as well.

And after a day of work it’s pretty easy to get home. With an organised bus service, and transport network updates right at the door, you get home easily, quickly, and with less cost to the environment.

All in all, the Optus campus is genuinely impressive. It really does blur the line between university and work life, and sets up the ‘yes’ vibe – which is probably what they’re going for.