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Looking for a graduate job in tourism and events management? Many candidates in this sector find work in various travel agencies, hotels, and government institutions. Fortunately, many of these jobs are located in Sydney.

Leading Employers

The leading employers in tourism and events management include various hotels, travel agencies, and state councils. According to Tourism Research Australia there are currently 534,000 people employed in the tourism sector, which accounts for 4.6% of total employment in Australia. The leading employers located in Sydney include:

  • Qantas 
  • Crown Limited
  • Flight Centre Limited
  • STA Travel
  • Harvey World Travel
  • Tourism Australia
  • Tourism Council NSW
  • Destination NSW

Average Starting Salaries in Tourism and Events Management

Unfortunately, graduates looking for work in the tourism or events management sector stand to earn less than the average Australia graduate. Australia graduates aged under 25 earn a starting salary of approximately $52,500. The average starting salary for a graduate entering the events management sector is approximately $34,000 per year, whilst a travel agent will start at about $34,800 per year.

Many entry level jobs such as event supervisors and event coordinators will receive a low base salary. However, as you gain experience, your salary is likely to increase. For example, the Event Recruitment survey determined that the average salary for an events manager was $75,000 with more than 5 years’ experience required. Therefore, whilst the starting salary in the tourism and events management sector is lower than the national average, statistics show that salaries do increase with experience.

What skills do you need?

Some of the top skills that employers value in this sector include language, customer service, and team work skills. Language skills are particularly important. Having knowledge of a foreign language will likely put you ahead of many other applicants especially within the tourism sector. Customer service skills and experience is an essential part of working within the tourism and events management sector. If you are looking to work in a travel agency or in a hotel, these skills are necessary.

Other skills that employers consider in this sector include team work, communication, and time management skills. Both in events management and tourism you will work with other people and need the ability to communicate effectively and organise things in a timely manner. Therefore, these skills are essential and will make you stand out as an applicant especially if you have previous experience in these skills.

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