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Tourism & Event Management Internships overview

If you want gain some experience in the tourism and events management sector or your degree requires that you complete a work placement, then you are probably applying for an internship. Fortunately, the sector is a large part of Australia’s economy that employs 534,000 people.

What will you do in the tourism and events management Sector?

The roles in this sector are varied. For example, as a travel agent you would be responsible for booking flights and tours, organising accommodation, and assisting customers in getting visas. These jobs often require your presence on the shop-floor, so excellent interpersonal skills are a must-have. Other roles in the tourism industry include hotel management, tour operation, as well as opportunities in PR and advertising.

In the events management sector, the work is fast-paced, often stressful, and sometimes requires you to work outside normal hours. However, the work is very diverse with many opportunities for travel. As you start your career you may be on a team organising a conference, and you may take care of small aspects such as transportation to and from the venue, liaising with speakers, or hiring a caterer. However, as you gain more experience and move up the ladder you may become responsible for organising large national and regional events.

Leading Employers

The leading employers in the tourism and events management sector in Australia include a range of government institutions, travel agencies, and hospitality providers. The leading employers within the industry in Sydney include:

  • Qantas Holidays
  • Crown Limited
  • Flight Centre Limited
  • STA Travel
  • Harvey World Travel
  • Tourism Australia
  • Tourism Council NSW
  • Destination NSW

What do employers look for?

Some of the top skills that employers value in this sector include language, customer service, and people skills. Language skills are particularly important. Having knowledge of a foreign language will likely put you ahead of many other applicants especially within the tourism sector. Customer service skills and experience is an essential part of working within the tourism and events management sector. If you are looking to work in a travel agency or in a hotel, these skills are necessary. A good way to demonstrate and develop these skills include volunteering, getting involved in your university community, or joining a sporting club.

Other skills that employers consider in this sector include team work, communication, time management skills, and specialist knowledge. Both in events management and tourism you will work with other people and need the ability to communicate successfully and organise events in a timely manner. These skills are essential and will make you stand out as an applicant especially if you have previous experience with these skills. Experience at a part-time job is always a good example of team work skills and it demonstrates time management as well. Specialist knowledge can include language skills, health and safety knowledge, and experience in sustainability. These specialty skills can make you stand out in many ways, for example experience in sustainability can assist you in getting a job within the ecotourism sector.

Advice for Tourism & Event Management Internships

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Graduate Advice

Whether you’re in it for the perks or for the love of  travel, you’ll find useful info here about graduate salaries in the travel industry.


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