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What do graduate jobs entail?

Graduates in the transport sector generally spend their time devising strategies to improve current transport systems. They can also assess the impact and effectiveness of new developments, for example to increase the efficiency of a supply chain network or the accessibility to key areas of cities.

Logistics and supply chain management involves the movement of goods. There is a difference between them: logistics involves the processing and handling of goods, whilst supply chain management includes the entire network involved in getting goods to the customer. It can be a complex process, broadly broken into six steps:

Sourcing – involves finding the correct raw materials, and attempting to negotiate down prices from suppliers
Transportation – efficient transportation of these raw materials
Storage – it is often more efficient and cheaper to supply resources ‘just in time,’ however this is not always possible
Production – using raw materials to create a finished product to sell
Storage – involves storing the product until it can be distributed, as above, it is more efficient to hold stock for only a short time
Distribution – coordinating the distribution of products to suppliers and customers in the most efficient and cheapest way possible

Leading Employers

Leading employers in transport, logistics, and supply chain management originate from many different nations and sectors of the economy. The leading employers in Australia include:

  • Toll Holdings
  • Linfox Australia
  • Agility
  • DB Schenker Australia
  • Kings Transport Australia
  • Star Track Express
  • DHL Supply Chain
  • CEVA Logistics
  • TNT Express
  • Menlo Worldwide Logistics

If you're looking at jobs in transport, logistics, and supply chain management then Sydney is the place to start. NSW is the top region for logistics with 33.6% of jobs in the sector located here.

Starting Salary

According to the Department of Innovation, Industry, and Regional Development the base salary for diploma and bachelor graduates in logistics and supply chain management is about $55,000. Whilst graduates looking to work in transport can expect to start at approximately $45,000. These are around the range of the national average, which is $52,500 for Australian graduates under 25.

How to Stand Out

As with many graduate jobs, employers look for specific skills when considering candidates. The top three essential skills that will help you get ahead when applying in this sector include people skills, teamwork, and commercial awareness. Applicants need to demonstrate that they can interact with people well. A good way of demonstrating this is through involvement in your community, such as taking on a volunteering role at university. You can then use this experience to demonstrate your interpersonal skills at interviews.

Team work is also an essential skill that will help you stand out as an applicant. In many graduate roles you will be working in teams. Demonstrated experience of this on your CV always improves your employability. Playing a sport or being part of a student society will help you with this.

Commercial awareness refers to an applicant’s knowledge of business, their business experience, and the business they are applying to. Knowledge of what good customer service entails is also essential, as the sector involves third-party logistics. For example, working in transport, logistics and supply chain management you may supply materials and products to supermarkets, thus the supermarket is your customer.

Other skills that will help you to stand out as a candidate include adaptability, enthusiasm, and decision-making skills. Developing these skills will not only help you stand out on paper, but also when you are on the job.

Advice for Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain Graduate Jobs

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